Tips for Cleaning Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are regarded as the healthier and cheaper version of the traditional cigarette, which has dominated the market for years but at the cost of harming the health of the smokers and those around them as well due to dangers of passive smoking. E-cigs have actually been the much-needed blessing in disguise!

You can find quite a lot of brands online selling different kinds of e-cigarettes these days. Yet another benefit of e-cigs is that they require little maintenance, but that “little” can’t be ignored or eliminated or else your money goes down the drain. Take a look at these cleaning tips:


As you utilize the e-cigarette more and more, dirt and debris tends to pile up near the junction of the battery and cartridge. A paper towel will suffice while cleaning the dirty regions. If the dirt is tough to get out, you can use tweezers to pick it out carefully. The performance of an e-cig will improve significantly once it is cleaned properly. Check the battery at regular intervals to ensure that there is no liquid accumulating on it. Sometimes, batteries tend to leak and ooze liquid from inside – if you don’t replace the battery, the entire unit can get corrupted. If you accidentally spill water or any other fluid, open up the electronic cigarette and double check the battery to make sure it is dry. A super-dry battery is integral to the unit functioning properly for a longer span of time.


Cleaning the cartridges of e-cigs will depend on the type of model you have purchased. Usually you can separate these from the main unit and clean it individually. Use a paper towel to clean up any dirt or dust that has accumulated on it. You can read up cleaning instructions that are included with the e-cig kit at the time of purchase. If the cartridge is damaged or too dirty, it is best to buy another one right away.

Miscellaneous Tips

The amount of e-liquid in the device needs to be balanced. For instance, if it has a drip system, you need to add the right quantity of e-liquid or else it might build up or drown the atomizer. Always carry the kit in a plastic case, especially if you are in the habit of putting it into a pocket. Lint from inside the pocket can clog up the device and affect the overall performance.

Make sure you purchase the electronic cigarette kit from a reputed manufacturer in order to get true value for money.

Why Americans Are Turning To Dry Herb Vaporizers

Many adults today have turned to smoking vaporizers. The reason for this is because many adults like to smoke weed and not every state is like Colorado that has legalized the use of Marijuana. Smoking marijuana produces a very distinct smell that many people automatically recognize. Some of the people may be regular bystanders that are walking in any place. Some people can also be law enforcers who have the public duty to uphold the law and arrest people in possession of this. This is where dry herb vaporizers are so handy. For those who are unaware, dry herb vaporizers transform marijuana and nicotine into vapor that people inhale through vaporizers. The smoke that they exhale is actually vapor and not smoke, which has virtually no smell whatsoever. This allows weed smokers to be able to smoke practically anywhere they please because they know that people will not be able to detect it as they smoke. If you are a weed aficionado or even if you like to smoke cigarettes once in a while, a great suggestion will be to use Dry Herb Vaporizers because they are practical devices to use and you can smoke them anywhere.

Dry herb vaporizers are devices that people use in order to smoke nicotine and marijuana without affecting other people around them. These devices come in various forms such as a pen, TV controller, ash tray, and many other designs. What is common about dry herb vaporizers is that they all contain a storage area where you place the nicotine or marijuana oil that you vaporize. Other similarities that they have are:

  • Battery- For the device to work, it needs a battery that will charge the device and the heating agent that will burn the oil into vapor. Without this, the device simply will not work.
  • Atomizer- This part of the vaporizer has the sole duty to burn oil into vapor that you inhale through the vaporizer’s nozzle. Without the atomizer, you will not be able to inhale anything.
  • Charger- The charger may come in plug form or battery form. Most atomizer come with both. The charger is what gives the battery the necessary energy to work for hours at a time without needing to be re-charged.
  • Cleaning tool- Most vaporizers come with this so that you can regularly make sure the device is clean. This will allow the device to work optimally without any break-downs that are caused by an accumulation of dirt.
  • Instruction manual- This allows you to further know more about your vaporizer as it will explain to you the various parts and their uses. Just like any device, to use them properly requires that you have some knowledge about how they work. This will allow you apply proper care that ensures the longevity of the device.

Nicotine cartridges- Depending on the product you purchase, vaporizers normally come with 2 to 3 cartridges of nicotine that you can load on the vaporizer to smoke. If you do not have this inside the package, you will have to buy cartridges separately. Do not worry as they are very affordable.

The Benefits of Vaporizing Weed

Vaporizing is a relatively new concept in the realm of cannabis consumption. Smokers are well accustomed to traditional smoking activities such as smoking with the use of bongs, pipers, and papers. The increased popularity of electronic vaporizers as replacement for tobacco smoking inspired the use of herbal vaporizers among herb and weed smokers as well. This revolutionary device enable individuals to smoke whenever and wherever without getting worried about potential toxins that may be detrimental to health and well-being.

If you haven’t tried out herbal vaporizers yet, here are some reasons that you should take a stab at it the next time you want to get high.

  • Absence of Combustion

This is one of the greatest advantages to using portable vaporizers for marijuana. Gone are the days when you have to use a lighter with you when you have to smoke weed. The temperature from a standard can reach up to 3590 degrees Farenheit. The temperature of the smoke when you light a bong can actually reach up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Breathing smoke that is too hot is undeniably difficult to achieve, thus reducing the enjoyment and satisfaction of smoking altogether.

When you decide to use a vape pen to smoke your choice herbs and weed, the temperatures are significantly lower, as the heat produced does not have to reach the combustion point in order to be smoked by users. With lower temperature, the liquid solution tor herb that you intend to use will only be heated, thus producing the perfect vapor for you to enjoy.

Lastly, smoke are made from ash particles that can stick to your throat and lungs. Prolonged contact of ash to sensitive parts of the respiratory system can cause irritation as evidenced by coughing and sneezing among many other things.

  • Cooler Temperatures

Vaporizers are not only cool to look at, but they are easy on the lungs as well. Your lungs will be spared from the dangers of taking in extremely hot smoke, as vaporizers are 75% cooler than traditional smoking devices such as bongs, pipes, and papers as well.

  • Better Taste

Proponents of smoking herbs and weed with the use of vaporizers all agree to the fact that the taste and quality of vaporized herb and weed is significantly more satisfying. As what customers point out, the taste of vaporized weed smoke is purer when compared alongside weed heated or processed with the use of traditional smoking devices.

  • Weaker Weed Smell

One of the most challenging things about smoking weed is the smell. Although there are different strains of herbs and marijuana on the market, they all feature the same distinct smell, which can be disturbing to other people. Although the use of herbal vaporizers will not totally eliminate the smell of weed, the smell is weaker, thus smokers can potentially use them in semi-public areas or common areas too.

With all of these benefits, there is no doubt that trying out a portable vaporizer such as Atmos Boss can result in a more satisfying vaping experience.